Resin Maid®

Removes Caked On Resin With Ease

Premium Cleaner: ResinMaid® cleaner is made by purists for purists.
Eliminate dirty pulls that leave you with a bad taste.
Enjoy the flavors and aromas by keeping it clean.

Concentrated 4oz bottle

(Makes up to 20oz)

Simple and Effective

  • Improved Experience: Caked-on resin can clog and block airflow. This proprietary formulation is designed to remove resin from prized possessions made of ceramic, glass, metal, silicone, and more. Use ResinMaid® to get a good, clean pull every time.
  • Pour Soak Rinse: No need to scrub, scrape, or grind ResinMaid® cleans for you.  Pour the liquid into the glass pipe or piece and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse and wipe out any remaining residue. Soak time may depend on the dilution and build-up.
  • Industry Favorite: Cleans sticky goo, grime, and tar from grinders, glass pipes, metals, one-hitters, coils, industrial equipment, and more. Cleans grinder blades for a fine grind.  Each clean restores and refreshes your piece to its natural look, taste, and feel.
  • Concentrated Magic: ResinMaid® concentrate can be diluted up to 5 times and still work just as well as the purest formula. For every 1oz, add up to 5oz of water, expanding your use. Each cleaning cycle can be reused, producing the same results.
  • Warning:  Do not use with Acrylics or Plastics. If your pieces or accessories have after-market art or paint, do not submerge them. The best way to use is to pour, plug, and soak to ensure the paint is not removed or hands-on cleaning.

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